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updated fri 25 mar 05


TonyFerguson on thu 24 mar 05


You are invited to visit Tony Ferguson's new website: TonyFerguson.Net
We are currently semi-functional. Please look around. Feedback is always welcome as I develop this new site.
I have recently been working with a variety of different colored crystal matts, glossy crystal glazes, and ash glazes--mixing a variety of surfaces together as I develop ideas from the wood kiln aesthetic in the gas kiln. Some of the new works you will see have as much as 5 or 6 glaze layers that have been sprayed onto the surface. All insides are poured with a functional food safe glaze such as a tea dust temmoku or shino with the exception of the black raku.
In this website, you will find current information about the work I do, workshops & classes I offer, my raku kiln plans, information about my wood, soda, and gas firing processes and much more. Enjoy the new website as I and it continue to develop.
Thank you always for your enthusiasm and patronage.
Tony Ferguson, March 24, 2005

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