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michael bailey c6 ga 23 satin matt blue green

updated mon 28 mar 05


Cor Duijnker on sun 27 mar 05


I have made Baileys Ga 23 Satin Mat with 1 percent cobalt oxide.
It gave a very beautiful light blue green with a lot of texture and
tendency for small cristals.
Potters notice in the book glazes cone 6 page 108 speaks of "tricky" glaze.
Well tricky it is.
I have tried it several times now but I can't get it back the right way
I had before.
It seems to be to runny with no texture.
I already lowered the temperature 10 degrees C, but I can't get it right
I ame very dissapointed because this glaze gave me that ones a year
"YES" feeling.
Some suggestions?