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is terra sig available commercially or must it always bemade..

updated sun 27 mar 05


L. P. Skeen on sat 26 mar 05


I used the same batch of terra sig for several years. When the batch was
first made, the big particles settled out and were discarded, and then all
that was left was the little ones that are "sig". They too will settle out
over time, but a good firm shake of the container will put them back in

YMMV; I was using sig made from the white claybody I ws throwing at the

Another point: I do believe that when Vince came here for the blackware
bonfiring workshop, he brought his terra sig with him from TN. And I also
believe I have heard references to folks making their sig, dehydrating it
somewhat, and then adding water when they got where they were going, to the
proper SG.

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From: "Wayne Seidl"

> Rob brings up a point I would like clarified as well...can terra sig be
> "stored" for any length of time, say, in a container with a good lid?
> Could it be made in advance and then transported, or is it a
> pretty much "on-site" process only?