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fw: re: is terra sig available commercially or must it

updated mon 28 mar 05


Maurice Weitman on sat 26 mar 05

always be made..

Hello Vince and other claybuds cornfused by troubles with URLs quoted
in email...

As many have experienced, many email programs mangle URLs near a line
break, especially long ones as the one Vince has been trying to pass

The fix is simple: most email programs will do the Right Thing when a
URL is enclosed in angle brackets.... those things above the comma
and period on US keyboards. (Some email programs will work well with
regular parens as Vince's example below, but not all.)

So, the link placed between < and > should work fine, even in the
middle of a paragraph, like this

One can even put text or punctuation right contiguous to the angle
brackets like
and it should work just as well.


At 6:04 PM -0600 on 3/26/05, Vince Pitelka wrote:
>For some reason, when my message appeared on Clayart, two sentences were run
>together, corrupting the website address for the hydrometer, so here it is
>again. As I said before, be sure to paste in the whole address, including
>all the underscored spaces, but with no open spaces. Just in case the same
>thing happens, the address is just the portion inside the parentheses -

Vince Pitelka on sat 26 mar 05

always be made..

When my post appeared on Clayart, the last paragraph appeared like this,
with everything run together corrupting all of the email and website
addresses, including the one in my signature at the bottom, as you can see

one specified "WLS42035-A" is the right one - it has a specific gravityrange
from 1.000 to 1.2220, which is exactly the range you need for terrasig. A
normal glaze hydrometer purchased from a ceramic supplier does nothave
nearly the sensitivity, and will not work well for terra sig.As you can see,
the price of $10.25 is very reasonable, but theseinstruments are very
delicate, so I would purchase at least two. When Ibought my first glaze
hydrometer thirty years ago, I only got one, and itbroke on the third or
fourth use. I didn't realize how fragile they are.Next time I bought two,
and had them both for many years.Good luck -- VinceVince PitelkaAppalachian
Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological UniversitySmithville TN 37166,

I guess this must be one of those "glitches" Mel was talking about. I hope
they get it all straightened out soon.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111,