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eileen lewenstein 1925-2005

updated mon 28 mar 05


The Chapel of Art on sun 27 mar 05

Just heard about this great loss and am saddened,
but not surprised. She seemed to fade out of the
picture shortly after Oscar died in 1996 or 1997.
A founding member of the Craft Potters
Association as I recall... Or at least was around
from the beginning. She co-edited Ceramic Review
up to retirement shortly after Oscar's death.

Thinking about Eileen conjours up visions of a
veritable bundle of enthusiastic energy! Not only
the usual juggling of a husband, children,
teaching, potting, art, but also "extras" such as
politics, the theatre (she did a great deal to
support Oscar in his profession) as well as
working for ceramics in general. She represented
UK through associations and boards at
international meetings, symposia and workshops at
home and abroad. She is even well-known in your
home country, Marta! I believe she was a regular
at Kekzymet (is that how you spell it?)

Eileen recognised the need to expand and develop
contemporary ceramics beyond the confines of
"little brown pots" both in her own work and that
of fellow members of the CPA as well as the new
generation of potting students. She certainly did
not shy from utilising the pages of Ceramic
Review to expand horizons beyond the traditional
and the Leachian schools, even importing ides
from (shock, horror) America! This was no doubt
why I personally was much taken by Eileen and her
work... I knew exactly how much the establishment
looked down on non-historical influences and I
was equally anti-establishment myself! I do not
know if she was a card-carrying communist, but
imagine she was as near as damn it, along with
many others who felt they needed to create a
brave new world once the war was over...

I often wonder how she coped with Emmanuel
Cooper, he co-editor of CR in that respect...
They no doubt complimented each other, but I do
wonder what frictions were below the surface?! I
guess we will never know!


Janet Kaiser
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