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regional conferences

updated wed 23 mar 05


mel jacobson on tue 22 mar 05

are going to happen.
clayart will be the information vehicle.
my bet is that we will have two next year.

if those that want better, smaller, information
packed conferences...join us now.
it will take work and a philosophy of `direct the
conference at the potter/artist` and they will come.

make the commercial vendors a part of the process.
let them teach too. let them feel as if they
belong, not just a money machine. having jon pancini
from laguna teach at mendocino was wonderful. he did a
great job.

without the commercial vendors, our friends that
supply us, no magazine would be published in this
world. ads run the money systems for publication.
perhaps respecting them, including them would be a simple

a combination of good business practice, open books,
a fair stipend for those that teach and travel, yes, this
can work.

i have talked to many vendors and manufacturers of
clay equipment. they are eager to try new ways, new
ideas. paragon, l and l, laugna all want to be a part
of a new direction. they are good people, knowing that
if they work with us, educate us, help us, their job is
easier. the vendors really appreciate how clayart works
for them. we are open to all.
one kiln company said that at nceca, they pay a great deal
for their booth, ship things in...and it costs 900 bucks to move
the kilns the last 50 yards in the conference center. (someone else
has to do that...they cannot touch their own products.)

so, rather than complain, make new. add your ideas
and support.

we are not taking from nceca, we are adding to clay education.
there is not a single way.
the only way change will occur is try a new direction.
show folks that there is a need.
(why is the southern clay conference such a big success?)

we know these work, we have been there, done it, been
a part of an energy level that seems impossible..but, does
work. remember, there was not one complaint from la crosse or
mendocino. folks were delighted to be there. (the big cry
was: `why was i left out?`) it was a conference
made for them. it is just like the clayart room at nceca. made for
potters, given to potters free and a place to find support and friends.
`what a concept`. how many of you regular folks were invited to
nceca parties? the claytimes folks were the only ones that i saw
that wanted you with them. a big congratulations to polly for what
she did. (she knows who buys her magazine.)
remember, we have instant communication to 3,000 clay people.
instant. it will take nceca 11 months to talk to us again.
email, another mystery.
mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa