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iron tractor seat stools

updated sun 20 mar 05


Paul Harshman on wed 16 mar 05

Hello All,
I joined the list a short time ago and have been lurking and learning
about my new found interest.
Assuming that this topic is ok for the list I'ed like to know if there's
enough interest in new tractor seat stools for me to look into producing
some. There would be at least two ways to go at it. One could come up
from the foot and make a series of holes that a pin fit in to give
height adjustment. and/or in addition a spring could be incorporated to
create some flex when sitting down. I'm guessing the cost would be
around $130.00 per stool if I could get orders for 10 or more

kieran stack on sat 19 mar 05

Hi Paul,

I like your tractor seat idea. I've seen them here (Ireland) and
they were welded to car leaf springs. They were actally quite
comfortable to sit on as they 'flexed'.

Good luck with it. I think you're onto a winner if you can market them to
the right people, espeicially at that price.