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cone 10 satin talc glaze

updated wed 16 mar 05


Jane Murray-Smith on tue 15 mar 05

I have seen the glaze of my dreams and have been told that it is not an
uncommon glaze..but no one has the recipe. I do understand that the same
effects can be arrived at by different means, so here is my description
of this glaze. I am just starting to test glazes in my gas kiln.
I have been told that it looks like and overfired satin talc. The feel is
a good hard satin is a functional surface. It is essentially
clearish, with the grey of the claybody giving the base color. The
surface is irregularly covered with tiny oatmeal colored crystals. Where
other glases or stains have been painted on the surface (I believe), the
little crystals do things like pull away from a dot of golden clear and
ring this little pool with dots, they sprinkle the surface of the copper
red pool, and are throughout the pale blue green.
I would like my glaze to fire to cone 10 as I do have a couple of other
cone 10 glazes I like for non functional things.
(I do have a photo of it so that if anyone wants to email be directly at, I can send the photo to them)
Any takers?