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whenever cm

updated tue 8 mar 05


clennell on mon 7 mar 05

has an article by Dick Lehman it seems to be a superb issue. Dick is a
great writer and a suberb photographer. His pots are nice too! What i love
about Dicks pots is that they are small but give the illusion that they are
big. The macro images gave me an idea for applications. have 10 good pots
and 10 good macro shots. Easier to do than select 20 good pots.
The cover is really nice and considering he kept both pots in focus is
really a nice piece of work with depth of field and lighting.
I just had a chance to look at the eye candy as I'm glazing then off to a
meeting. Tomorrow the meat and potatoes.
Like the line up of mugs across the Jeff Zamek article- A nice touch
especially for a production man.
Mel's looking good and nice to see our Clayarter Dave F from Idaho enjoying
the scenery of China. You dog you, Dave.
Hendley the blues axeman doing commercials.
The tribute and photo ad of Ferguson. I even like the Reitz ad.
As Mel so aptly said GIGO. Gargage in, garbage out! when they get good stuff
they have good stuff to present.
Looking forward to morning coffee and the meat and potatoes.
Damn fine issue!
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario