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baltimore: fear not!

updated tue 8 mar 05


primalmommy on sun 6 mar 05

Tony: First, the crabs. All cheech and chong humor aside -- when I lived
in Maryland I worked for the Virginia Folklife Program, documenting the
jobs/lives/lore of crabbers, oystermen and other "been-heres" being
crowded out by the suburban bedroom-community "come-heres". I spent many
a dawn on various crab boats, helping to haul in big ugly sea spiders.

But when it's time for dinner, man, get out of my way. Any meal that
involves spread-out newspaper and a bucket, and requires the use of a
hammer, is the kind of primal experience I'm up for. When I was first
dating my Jeff in Wilmington, NC, he was finishing an associates degree
in marine technology and brought over the results of their class "water
sampling project" - a pile of blue crabs. He said later that I eat blue
crabs with all the finesse of a blender with the top left off.

As for getting the flu -- I have two theories. One is that if you got
really knocked-down-dragged-out sick last year, you're paid up for a
while. Your antibodies are all confident about their winning season,
having conquered the cooties, and you'll get a few years off before you
get it again. I haven't had a flu since three marches ago, when you all
were at NCECA and I had my big moderating-clayart-experience (and family

The other advice comes from my pediatrician. I will certainly go look
for that airborne stuff before I fly, and I do hit the Vitamin C
whenever I've been coughed/sneezed on by some sickie in public -- but
when there were no flu shots this year and everybody was talking about
it, our doc said -- "hand washing, enough sleep, and good nutrition is
your best defense." Not just the day you get the germ, but every day of
flu season. So sleep in a bit this week! Eat real food. Fruit. Veggies.
Whole grains. Yogurt keeps your gut healthy so germs can't get a
foothold. What you really need is a nice breastmilk smoothie ;0) but
it's too late for you.

And maybe skip dishing out kisses to the ladies this year. Sheila will
have to get you a shock collar. I think you Canadians kiss everybody to
spread germs just to keep us crossing cross the border to buy your flu

Kelly in Ohio
Grateful btw to those with advice about slow cooling... I was informed
by Evenheat that an external controller wouldn't work on my kiln, and
would be $700 if it did... so I spent a hundred bucks, instead, on a
beat up old electric with switches out of somebody's garage, to
experiment with slow cooling. It's full of little teapots and test tiles
and will have its maiden firing tomorrow...

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Vince Pitelka on mon 7 mar 05

This may have been mentioned before, but in addition to "Airborne", the
other product that is excellent as a preventative measure to avoid colds and
flu is Emergen-C, which comes in a box of little packets. Like Airborn, you
just dissolve it in a cup of water. Emergen-C comes in various flavors, and
my favorite is the tangerine. It is available at stores like Wild Oats
Market and Whole Foods, and at natural food stores. Also, Trader Joes
carries both Airborne and Emergen-C for discounted prices. As many of you
know, Trader Joes started out on the west coast, but is spreading east.
There are some in the Baltimore area and quite a few around Washington DC.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111,

Ed Huml on mon 7 mar 05

Emergen-C really is great stuff. I take them with me on all my trips. If you
can't find them, try any health food store or the various vitamin chain
Oh yah, sleep, fluids and good food help too.

Arnold Howard on mon 7 mar 05

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From: "Ed Huml"
> Emergen-C really is great stuff. I take them with me on all my trips. If
> you
> can't find them, try any health food store or the various vitamin chain
> shops.

You can dissolve Emergen-C right onto the tongue. You don't even need water.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /