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updated tue 8 mar 05


Lee Love on mon 7 mar 05

On Saggers (Rick's mentioning of reduction):

The are used here in Mashiko in the noborigama as the bagwall in
each chamber. I have a pile of small plate saggers in my yard that
have probably been here, unused for 10 years. I cleaned up a couple
dozen, and dried them out on the wood stove and used them to keep ash
off of some glazed plates.
What I noticed was that the plates inside the saggers kept more
reduction. The saggers, like the ones from my teacher's noborigama,
do not completely sealed from the outside. On mine, there are three
slots on the lip. But I don't think they need to be sealed, or that it
would even help, because the CO might be hindered from getting inside
the saggers. But, because there is a well made by the saggers
inside, the heavier has a place to settle and stay. The plates
without the saggers are totally open to the atmosphere and are
re-oxidized at the end of each stoke.
I am guessing, that the potters of old would not waste good
clay just to seal saggers.

On Shipping:

Euan's work is porcelaineous stoneware (hanjiki: half Mashiko
Nami and half Aussie porcelain.) It is pretty light. He is having a
show in Utsunomiya right now. He is another person who appreciates
both Leach and Rosanji. You can see his showcard here (nice shot of
a plate with Japanese food in it):

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