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shipping saga/to cal

updated mon 7 mar 05


mel jacobson on sun 6 mar 05

it makes me smile that i got only one
response to my shipping saga post.

that was from steph. she is shipping
tons to NZ.

this is not a common problem for most
potters. and i will figure it out, then
let others know.

my guess at the present time is:

order a container, pack it myself
at my leisure, have them pick it up
and drive it to california.
cost about thousand dollars.

compared to a rental truck, ups, fedex
and is far the best and cheapest.
gas to california would be an easy 500 bucks.
and, who would want to drive a uhaul? break downs
and time. ick.

there is no way one can ship hundreds of pots
half way across america and do it `cheap`.

the container is steel, has hooks and stanchions
inside to tie in the boxes of pots...loaded with foam
and bubble wrap. we will use very large(6 foot) air filled
bags all around the container. tie it in securely, and insure
like mad.

art movers are very would cost us ten grand to ship
the pots that way.

you see, the saga continues. not for the faint at heart, or those
that want to just get by.

we did the same kind of things in japan for my one man show
in tokyo. a truck came, people helped back, all tied in and delivered
to matsuya gallery. others set the show, flower folks came in.
when it was all done...we broke even.
as it should be.
so, more to follow.

mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa

pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 6 mar 05

Hi Mel,

I did comopse most of a reply the other day, but my computer
froze and I lost it before it was saved to drafts...

My thought was this -

Smallish to medium-small Boxes which will hold say four
Bowls each, with padding/bubble wrap or whatever.

Four of these Boxes holding four Bowls each, go into one
larger Box, with ample light padding of course. (egg-crate
Foam rubber is one of my favorites, and me be had cheap from
places who do re-upholdstry work...)

That is 16 Bowls per larger box.

25 such, would be the "400" Bowls.

25 Such Boxes then, of 16 Bowls each ( being four boxes of
four) shipped Fed-Ex Ground with extra Insurance, weighing
likely about 8 pounds each, would cost about $12.00 or so

So, 25 times 12 then, looks like around $300.00...

Thats what I'd do...

el ve

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From: "mel jacobson"

> it makes me smile that i got only one
> response to my shipping saga post.

Lee Love on mon 7 mar 05

I didn't respond when you first posted, because I didn't know how
applicable Japan or international is.

Most of my teacher's shows are shipped by regular delivery
service. I never heard of any breakage in transit, but the pots are
wrapped in styrofoam paper, put in wooden boxes, the wooden boxes are
wrapped in paper and then in bubble pack. These are then loaded into a
cardboard box lined with larger bubble pack.

Euan had a show in Australia last year. He had 200 pieces
and took them on the plane as extra luggage. Only one piece broke.
A friend of mine is coming to sell pots at the Mashiko spring pottery
festival from Germany, near Dresden. He is bringing all his work
checked as extra baggage.

Don't know if "excess luggage" is less affordable on
domestic flights, but it might be worth checking out.

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