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sorry, saggers

updated sun 6 mar 05


mel jacobson on sat 5 mar 05

i forgot to mention this.

remember, the old kilns, fired with wood, did not
have posts and shelves. that came rather recently.

saggers were filled with pots, covers added and stacked.
that is how many potters solved the problem of stacking
a kiln. often the saggers prevented reduction on the pots.

we are rather certain that the temmokus that we are experimenting
with were fired that way.
a rich iron bearing clay body, sagger fired with iron rich glazes.
the over glaze of jet black ran down the pot. the shape of the
pot dictated that pattern. rather simple when you think of it.
my platters do not hare's fur, they run all over and sorta oil spot,
crystal form, and streak. the open bowls hare's fur like mad.

so often the system of shape, clay, glaze, how fired make
the deal happen.
mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa