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2005 stay-at-home clay exchange - lisa's comment

updated sun 6 mar 05


Graham & Rose Mercer on sat 5 mar 05

Lisa said
"... Anybody who is paired with Graham Mercer cannot POSSIBLY be
disappointed, assuming the postal service delivers intact. :) ...."

What a darling!!!
Thank you Lisa - (my first stay-at-home exchange partner) - this typifies
Clayart members and why I am so enthusiastic about participating in the
exchange. When I exchanged with Lisa in 2003 I had only been dabbling in
clay for about 15 months, so my 'offering' was far from the 'work of art'
that she implies. Here I am now with a newly granted Diploma of Art
(Ceramics), my own home studio, four kilns, many wonderful potter friends in
my local area and, of course, a wonderful world of potters to share and chat
with via Clayart. It is this great community (both near and far) and
camaraderie that makes potting so enjoyable and enriching for me.
Don't take what we have for granted, for it is indeed special. Remember to
share, to encourage, to support and to smile.
Thanks again Lisa, happy exchanging and happy potting everyone.
Cheers from
Graham Mercer
Melbourne, Australia