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total disbelief, and i kid you not....

updated sun 6 mar 05


L. P. Skeen on fri 4 mar 05

Oh damn, now I'll have to stay home. :(

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From: "Lili Krakowski"
only Reform Jews, light skinned Afro-Americans, and well closeted gays and
lesbians wanted!!!!!!

Lili Krakowski on fri 4 mar 05

I was bottle fed, as were my sibs. In those days women did not get =
"help" in learning to breastfeed so it was bottle time, wet-nurses =
having gone out of fashion (1930s, Tony, not 1950s) And I never had =

BUT I am numb with disbelief that ANYONE should equate "adult" with =
antipathy to nursing a baby in a room with the senescent! We have =
"adult" beverages, also known as booze. Major cause of illness, =
violence, dreadful accidents, and so on. We have "adult" magazines and =
movies, that show how human anatomy and human functions can be degraded. =
But being in a room with a nursing baby is un-adult!

I do not go to things--and I just learned another reason why. We are =
not that far from a time when other voices banned people from other =
rooms: non-Caucasians, Jews, out of the closet homosexuals...oh., =
before I forget, WOMENS. The women, I see, still are only partially =
accepted: if you're a nursing mom leave baby and breasts home, because =
we don't think breast feeding is adult. While we are in the compromise =
mode, only Reform Jews, light skinned Afro-Americans, and well closeted =
gays and lesbians wanted!!!!!!

Many cultures ban women who are menstruating from religious gatherings, =
as well as men who have had sex within 24 hours, unless they have =
purified themselves. I think that for the sake of Fairness in Bigotry =
those two groups should be banned from the ClayArt Room.

Good grief

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on sat 5 mar 05

Gosh Lili, how often do I have to make the point?
this has NOTHING to do with
the righteousness of breast feeding !!!

Please ... I think one day even primal mommie
will have to blush and laugh over the fact that
she was actually lecturing aging hippies and
artists on how to behave around a nursing Mom.

I doubt there will be five people in the room whose
children were not breast fed.

Let us give this topic a rest ...

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