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magazines are like cars

updated sat 5 mar 05


mel jacobson on fri 4 mar 05

everyone has a favorite.
and, you cannot argue about your favorite, no one will
listen to you.

i find working with editors and staffs a joy.
it has been outstanding working with tim, he will be missed.
sherman and the staff of cm are `classical class`.

polly and her ct folks have been very kind and friendly.

i think we should look at the other side of publishing.

how well do potters keep schedules? get the copy and
pictures in on time? how demanding are they, even
when they are going to be promoted to the world? how many
quality slides are presented?

and tony, you think making and firing temmoku is hard..try
and photograph it. it is the worst problem i have ever faced in publishing
ceramics. no wonder cm picked the yellow pots...the black shinny
ones were a disaster. they may have been better pots, but i could
not, even when using a professional photographer get A+ results.

i have said many magazines are only as good as the
art work, pots and copy that are submitted.
(how about twelve pages of blather about zen, my life, my god,
my dog, my great art, my wildlife, garden,my wife, my husband, my
feelings. geez..
gag a pig.)
if you think you can do better, have better things to say and
pictures to print...well send them in. i doubt that you will be
getting a call from talent scouts pleading, `please, please, can we
have your story?` but, keep your word, keep on
schedule and send at least 75 slides or images...and they had
better be good. because if they are it will be your
turn to defend them. and, for sure, being on the other side of the
magazine page is not always a treat.
mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa