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glazing tiny teapots

updated fri 4 mar 05


primalmommy on thu 3 mar 05

Joyce, I have used a pencil eraser jammed into the opening to dip my
little pots, or for the really small ones, I have a tool with a rubbery
cone at one end so I can move the pot up the cone until it fits. I cut a
few fine-tipped hairbrushes at an angle to do brushwork or wax foot
rings. I have also found it convenient to keep a straight pin, a paper
clip and a q-tip swab on hand for various purposes.

The best thing I found was to make enough of them little devils that
you're not feeling too precious about any one of them. It's hard to wrap
my brain around the scale issue -- should the glaze layer be thinner in
proportion to the pot? Could I build a lunchbox sized wood kiln to fire
them? ;0) This weekend I am going to raku one, perched on a little tile
I have rigged with wire lifters. The possibilities for pit firing, smoke
firing, salting in saggars, etc. seem unlimited and just because of the

Be careful with any glaze that's likely to move. It doesn't have to go
far to stick a teapot down pemanently.

I am expecting a box of my little Florida pots, bisqued and shipped by
Elca Branman -- who is doing some WONDERFUL sculptural work (like "women
talking") in her artfully decorated digs. It's due today and my ears are
perked up for the mail truck -- though vacation is over and I am back to
carving my studio time out of my sleep time again.

Can't wait to see your teapots, Joyce!
p.s did you hammer your bad ones with a little teeny tack hammer?

Kelly in Ohio
Glazing 9 weeks of work with 10 kids at the guild this afternoon... then
ten adult students tonight.

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