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surfing with helen bates - march 1st., 005 - togei fujiwara and

updated tue 1 mar 05


Helen Bates on tue 1 mar 05

LeachTreadle Wheel

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 1st., 005 - Togei Fujiwara and
LeachTreadle Wheel


I think there was talk on the list of Togei Fujiwara back in December.
Here is a Japanese language site for him, and a translation url.

Togei Fujiwara
and World Lingo machine translation: (Text translation only, of course)

Also, a while back, there were some posts about treadle wheels and/or
the Leach wheel, so I collected a few sites with information or images
or diagrams of this type of wheel.

Randy Smith:
(treadle plans and instructions)

Lloyd Cledwyn:
(A combination of images and transcribed text from a set of treadle
plans and instructions that were originally downloaded from Randy
Smith's website.)

Beach Feature Com (Image library of the UK seaside)
(Enter "Leach" in the image search box)
(Leach pottery; Potter Joanna Wason at work on the Leach kick wheel;
photos of Bernard Leach)
For direct link:

Robert Compton
(Several Leach wheels shown here - one belongs to Robert and is for

Anne McLellan
(Several clear photos of this antique wheel, which is for sale)



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Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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