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midland/minnesota flattop--update

updated tue 1 mar 05


Jon Brinley on tue 1 mar 05

Hello All,
I have not been reporting as I should, so...
As of last posting I haven't really done anything.=20
Work has caught up with me and I have not had the
opportunity to do much to the kiln. I did however=20
stop by the plumbing supply house today. Picked=20
myself up some fixtures for making burners.
Still within budget. Only one more purchase to make
Mel and I discussed the design this weekend.=20
Workshop was a lot of fun. Great lessons, I might=20
get to do my assignments one day.
Was there a deadline Mel?

Question: If I purchase something that I was already going to=20
anyway, do I have to count it in with the cost of the kiln.

Jon in Midland