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new kiln? - re: kiln shipping

updated mon 28 feb 05


Leesh on sun 27 feb 05

After checking out the rates to have someone pack and pick up the kiln
in Raleigh and ship it to me, I'm starting to think perhaps I should
just have it sold there and buy a new one. Another factor for me is
that the kiln requires a 60 amp breaker, which would require an
expensive ($1500) upgrade to my breaker box. Since I'm just a
beginner, and don't have intentions of trying to make a living off
pottery, I doubt I really need the capacity of that large kiln. I've
been thinking it might make sense to get a smaller kiln that will run
off a 40 amp (or less) breaker and would be much less expensive to set

Anyone have suggestions of reasonably priced kilns that would allow me
to do ^6 firings without a major redo of my electrical system?

On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 08:32:05 -0500,
> When I moved from Baltimore to LA, I had a professional mover (United Van=
Lines =E2=80=93 the usual disclaimers =E2=80=93 no interest in the mover) =
move everything. I sold my big electrical kiln, but my electric wheel, smal=
l electric kiln (1 or 2 cu ft), and large Bailey slab roller were among the=
clay things I moved. For that move, I disassembled the slab roller and wra=
pped each of the kiln shelves in heavy duty bubblewrap. Everything made it =
across the country just fine.
> A year + ago, I moved everything to Oklahoma City where I lived temporari=
ly while I finished nursing school pre-requisites. This time the mover told=
me I didn't have to disassemble the slab roller. Having packed up my house=
single-handed, I was too tired to argue or take it apart, so it rode in th=
e truck as is. Everything went into storage, so I'm not sure what shape the=
slab roller is in. It looks OK, but I haven't used it since I left Redondo=
Beach, CA.
> Shula
> In Filthadelphia, PA
> AKA Philadelphia, PA USA
> 72 days until my last final
> Then it's back to the west coast, I hope