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surfing with helen bates - february 25th., 2005 - mainly usa sites

updated sat 26 feb 05


Helen Bates on fri 25 feb 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - February 25th., 2005 - Mainly USA sites

2005 Cherry Creek Arts Festival (Denver, CO, USA)
Ceramists: Martye Allen, Sharon Brush, Fong Choo, Richard Cohen, Paul
Eshelman, Sheldon Ganstrom, Charles Gluskoter, David Greenbaum, Jinsong
Kim, Caroline Koons, Deb LeAir, Stephen Merritt, Pamela Olson, Kyle
Osvog, Larry Richmond, Peter and Peg Saenger, Ruth Siporski, Steven
Edward Summerville, Mariko Swisher, Philip Wilson, Laura Zindel.

Leslie Freeman (Leslie Freeman Designs) (Vineyard Haven, MA, USA)
Colourful, "folksy" functional ceramics (Nicely organized web site...)

New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists Association
(Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, NM, USA)
Website created by Clayarter Judy Nelson-Moore
Sub-folder of note:
New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists NMPCA Studio Tour

Fired Up Studios (Minneapolis, MN, USA),
At Fired Up Studios, potters and clay artists can rent studio space,
and have access to real and virtual gallery space. Members mentioned
online: Alice Holm, Anita Wong, Clara Emma, Dyann Myers, Emily Dyer,
Ernest Miller, Jan Bilek, John Chianelli, Judy Anderson, Kate Daly,
Laura Drabant, Laurie Nevers, Linda Taylor, Lucy Grantz, Michael Lee
Howland, Nikolaus Voelz, Pat Buth, Patty Rau, Sarah Lenz, Scott
Zeinert, Steve Hemingway, Violet Bifulk. Some members have links to
their own web sites or pages, some of which interested me particularly:
Ernest Miller, Lucy Grantz, Patty Rau (Patty is a Clayarter too), and
Steve Hemingway.

John Toki and Leslie Ceramic Supply (Berkeley, CA, USA)

This ceramics supply business is once again publicly accessible on the
Internet after being unavailable for several years. The online catalog
is under construction but there are links to prices and specifications
for some kilns, and a clay chart is now available. The company was
started in Berkeley in 1946, by artist John Toki's parents, Akiko
Leslie and Rayer Toki. URLs with John Toki's work include:

Kenton Baker and Beverley Fisher Woodfiring (Lancaster, PA, USA)

Woodfired pottery and sculpture; kiln building

Bizen Gallery Aoyama "Modern Bizen" (Tokyo,Japan) (English and Japanese)
Bizen pottery Gallery (more wood-firing)

Roy Strassberg (Professor and Chair, Art Department, University of
North Carolina, Charlotte, NC, USA)
Or Tiny Url:
The installation "Holocaust Bone Structures" shown at the Minneapolis
Institute of the Arts in 1998. (Strassberg was at Minnesota State
University, Mankato for many years.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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