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glaze test for "red" nutmeg, cone 6, ox.

updated wed 23 feb 05


Alisa Clausen on mon 21 feb 05

Glaze test for "Red" Nutmeg, cone 6 ox.

Glaze tested on white midrange stoneware fired in electric oxidation to =
1240c. (2264f)

Source: Clayart, I searched again for the name of the person who =
suggested this, please let us know.
Credited to:

Firing ramp:
100c p/h to 600c (212f - 1112f)
150c p/h to 1140c (302f - 2084f)=20
80c p/h to 1240c (176f - 2264f)
10 min. soak
cool down max. to 1100c (2012f)
Hold 1 hour
Shut off kiln

23.30 Dolomite
23.30 Spodumene
6.8 Frit 3134
23.30 OM4 Subbed 23.30 local red clay=20
23.30 Silica

1.0 RIO
3.24 Yellow Oxide
4.85 Tin Oxide
1.94 Bentonite

Note: All raw materials are measured up or down to the nearest half =
decimal. =20
Colorants or additives to a 100 gram test batch are measured in percent =
to the 100 gram test batch.

Gloss glaze with shino like colorations. The glaze is a rust brown =
where thinnest and pools cream where thickest. Overall appearance
is a rust glaze with streaks and patches of cream. A glaze that breaks =

This version is slightly rustier in color than the original version, but =
not very much so.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark

Randy McCall on mon 21 feb 05


That's Randy McCall's variation. We use Redart subed for OM4.

Lou Roess on tue 22 feb 05

On Feb 21, 2005, at 4:17 AM, Alisa Clausen wrote:

> Glaze test for "Red" Nutmeg, cone 6 ox.
> 1.0 RIO
> 3.24 Yellow Oxide
> 4.85 Tin Oxide
> 1.94 Bentonite
> Alisa,
sorry to be dense, but I'd like to try this recipe and just wanted to
clarify that when you say Yellow Oxide you mean Yellow Iron Oxide.
I've never heard of any other kind but you never know.
Lou in Colorado