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turquoise mat, cone 6 ox. and redux

updated sun 20 feb 05


John Anthony on sat 19 feb 05

Here's a photo of a test pot with the Clay Studio Turquoise glaze
I posted some years ago. This was fired to cone 6
in reduction, on Miller 55. It's definitely turquoise.
No idea whether this glaze is food safe.

click on the pix for a bigger photo



glaze name: Turquoise
>cone: 6
>kiln type: gas
>firing: reduction
>Nepheline Syenite 61.54
>Strontium Carbonate 20.88
>Silica 7.69
>Ball Clay 6.59
>Lithium Carbonate 3.30
>Copper Carbonate 3.50
>Bentonite 4.00
>Epsom Salts 1.00