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ian currie workshops? and larry davidson, are you there?

updated sat 19 feb 05


Ian Currie on fri 18 feb 05

> Hi- I really, really want to attend a few workshops this year, and
Ian > Currie's is at the top of my list. Does anyone have any information
> on where he will be & when?

Hi Kathy

Most of my workshops are in Europe this year, however I do have 3
proposed in the USA... just finalising dates now, around late September,
early October.

1. College Of Southern Idaho
Larry Davidson
***LARRY ARE YOU THERE??!! My e-mails to your address are bouncing... Ian***

2. Las Cruces, New Mexico
Valice Raffi

3. Hambidge, Georgia, USA
Dawn Holder
The Hambidge Center
Dawn G. Holder


Ian Currie