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ups...problems local perhaps?

updated fri 18 feb 05


Joan Berkwitz on thu 17 feb 05

Having used UPS for ten years, and shipping literally thousands of boxes
of fragile earthenware sculpture, I do have to speak up on their behalf.
I have NEVER had a problem with their billing, nor boxes delivered to
the wrong address. (I do occasionally put the wrong address on the
label, and twice they have corrected it and delivered it to the right
house anyway!) My driver arrives promptly every day, with a cheerful
"toot" so that I know he's there, and he's a very helpful fellow. The
software that they supply for free to keep track of your shipping, make
labels, batch shipments etc. is just getting better every version.

I've never used DSL and perhaps they are wonderful, but UPS has been
fabulous for me and they have always had a professional, pleasant and
courteous attitude. Just wanted to say so. They deserve it. There are
fools and incompetents in every company.

Joanie in Carlsbad, California

Randall . on thu 17 feb 05

At 8:26 AM -0800 2/17/05, Joan Berkwitz wrote:
>Having used UPS for ten years, and shipping literally thousands of boxes

It could be a local issue, but I know woodworkers who have had things
delivered UPS that were literally destroyed in transit. the billing
however is done out of their main corp offices.

I've seen enough of UPS to switch to someone else- ANYONE- just to
get away from these people!
You have no idea how many times I'd come home from work and had to
fool around for an hour with their customer service, billing dept or
something else, frankly I have better things to do! All I want is my
stuff picked up when I schedule it, safely transported and delivered
on schedule for a reasonable price, if UPS can't do that much there's
4 alternates all too happy to have my so far to start with $100 a
week shipping business.