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test kiln for soda firing

updated tue 15 feb 05


Fredrick Paget on sun 13 feb 05

I have a very small gas kiln that I made some years ago for Lustre
firing of Moorish lustre glazes. It is about 18 inches cube inside.
I have not used it for several years since I lost interest in the
lustre glazes.

It is made of soft brick with an outer layer of one inch ceramic
insulation board. it has a hinged front door and a metal case on the
outside. The burner is on the bottom and is rather small at present.
When I first built it I had a set of four small burners under it and
had no trouble going up to cone 10.

It was too finiky to maintain the lower temperature required for
lustre glazes so I replaced the four burner setup with a single
smaller burner and I would have trouble getting above cone 04 now.

I have been thinking I could put back a larger burner or two and line
the chamber with some cut up kiln shelves mortared in place to cover
the soft brick and use it as a test kiln for soda or salt firing. the
floor and the small venturi down draft damper box are hard brick.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA
Charter Member Potters Council