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teapots and tea

updated tue 15 feb 05


Joan Berkwitz on mon 14 feb 05

Well, I don't use a teapot, but only because then I am tempted to drink
too much tea! I use an in-cup tea infuser, which is a metal mesh that
sits inside a sleeve, which sits inside the cup, and includes a lid to
use when steeping and then the lid is turned over and the sleeve/infuser
sits on that to cool.
These metal infusers would be a wonderful addition to handmade mugs, you
could throw the sleeve and lid and just buy the infuser. They are
handier than a teapot for a single serving, and are the best way to
steep loose leaf tea.
Jonathan in DC mentioned Upton Tea Importers ( and that
is my supplier also. Upton has the infusers, and others besides, and
will sell you a sample of any tea for between $1.00 and $2.50. It would
be a terrific little addition to your sales room if you had a nice
selection of teas to go in your teapots or mugs! I recommend "Margarets
Hope Estate Darjeeling", it's heaven in a leaf! They even have hand tied
tea "flowers" that open up in the tea bowl, and a wonderful assortment
of Tea Ceremony type teas, along with the whisks and other necessities.
But when company comes over, it's the teapot! The lovely blue and purple
one from the fundraising sale for the two California pottery artists
that Stephani held last year; or the lyrical vintage 1930's English pot
that was my grandmother's.
Tea isn't only a beverage, it's a state of mind.....

Joanie in Carlsbad, California