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footrings and handles

updated tue 15 feb 05


Judy Musicant on sun 13 feb 05

Earl wrote:

"I want to try footrings on the bottom of some mugs.
I have been putting handles on flat bottom mugs before the
clay is dry enough for trimming. If I continue following
this approach then the handle will be spinning around when
I trim and I'll probably knock it off. If I wait until the
body is dry enough to trim and I want about the same
moisture content in the handle and body when I join them
then the handle will probably crack when I bend it or it
may not stick well."

Earl, I always add handles after doing whatever trimming is necessary =
for the piece. This applies to mugs, pitchers, casseroles, whatever. =
You shouldn't have a problem trimming your footring and adding handles =
afterward, as long as you don't trim when the piece is practically dry. =
Just make sure to dry the the mugs slowly. I just cover them lightly =
with plastic and never have a problem with cracking.

Judy Musicant

Cindy in SD on mon 14 feb 05

Dear Earl,

You can either trim first or handle first--whatever works best for you.
I like to handle at the slightly pliable leatherhard stage. This is also
my preferred trimming stage. If you prefer to trim dryer than this, you
can still stick your pot down by whatever method you prefer and trim.
Unless you're cutting decorations that run inside the handle, you'll
find it easy to avoid hitting the handle, so long as the handle attaches
a little above the base of the pot.

Best wishes,
Cindy in SD