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turquoise mat, cone 6 ox. and redux.

updated sun 13 feb 05


John Anthony on fri 11 feb 05

Alisa- I'm pretty sure I posted this recipe several years ago - it's
one from The Clay Studio
in Philadelphia, where I was once an associate artist. They had ( and
still have, I'm sure)
a nice palette of cone 6 reduction glazes, of which this was one. It
was a very nice bright mat turquoise
in reduction, which broke to brown on edges, and could develop some
crystals if slow cooled.


John Anthony

>Alisa wrote:

>The recipe for the glaze I use and the one that is shown along with my
>recent tests is also called Turquoise Mat, redux. I do not remember who
>originally posted this version of the above to Clayart.

>Of course I fire it in Ox.

>61.59 Neph. Syenite
>20.88 Strontium Carb.
>7.69 Ball Clay
>3.3 Lithium Carb.
>3.5 Copper Carb.
>4 Bentonite
>Adds up to 100,96

>1 Epson Salt

I> do not use the Epson salt. I use it rather thick as where it is
thin, it
>fires brown.