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updated sun 13 feb 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 11 feb 05

Hi Kelly,

Amid yer mentions...some brief rambles...

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From: "primalmommy"

> Kelly in Ohio

>Plus I used to be a public sector folklorist and have
> collected all kinds of mojo and waboo from other cultures,
which is
> displayed around my house... and garlic hangs in the
doorway for luck.

Most cool...

To think out loud a tiny bit...

I too, in my way, collected all kinds of Mojo and Totem and
Waboo and some Tabboo...

But these were never the ones anyone ever thought of 'as'
being such.

Churches used to do this, too, in their way...

We all do...some way or t'other.

Build our ) more or less 'own') 'Churches' in structures of
the Mind and arranges of unassayed ritual and rite.

And truely, the Language of these things, is very much
'in'...the ways in which one's perception ( and
associations, and shrines) are (often intuitively, if
haphazardly sometimes, of) built.

Or, it is liable to be mutable...idiomatic...often
personal...usually cultural...and, obtains to a kind of
emotional Algebra,
more or the equations expressed or implied, seems
to me...

And too, some artifacts have had put into them, 'energies'
which are in addition to those which underlay their
existance intrinsicly or ostensibly, having had investments
or embuements made in(to)
them, in ineffible ways. Often this is incidental, even
accidental, but, can
be, intentional, as you know...for better or worse.

> Which reminds me: like "mythology", the word "folklore" is
way too often
> considered synonymous with "bullshit". I will scold at
length about it
> some time when I am in less need of sleep.

Yes please do...

My own thought was to lament the loss in how-it-is the term
'Myth' has become a synonym for 'Fiction' or for some naive

Where...the fiction or misapprehension...has been far more a
matter of how people percieve(d) or construe(d) or
interpreted ( so called)

Likely the term Myth has become burdoned connotatively to
where it costs more than it is worth to use.

I do not expect our cultural subscription to the so called
'Big Bang' theory, to likely endure well if it were to be
preserved in verbal tellings for some hundreds of

Nor anything else of culturally 'ours' for our 'maps'

Nor did I ever find it any 'better' than say, how some long
ago people are said to have said that the Earth, were
sitting on the 'back'...of a Turtle.

Can we say with any certainty, that we know, "what" the term
'Turtle' meant? in the original context? what it was a
metaphor of? or for?

No...we can not...


Go for it...

Go for the gusto...!

Let 'er rip...

el ve