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turquoise mat, cone 6 ox. and redux.

updated sun 13 feb 05


Alisa Liskin Clausen on thu 10 feb 05

Dear Clayart,

Several people have written to me off line regarding this glaze, so I will
clarify the recipes in the archives:

This glaze is in the archives twice with the same name, but has two
different recipes. One is Marcia Selsor's that is usually fired
reduction. I have fired it in ox. and the result was a Turquoise Mat.

Marcia Selsor Turquoise Mat cone 6 redux

61,27 Nepheline Syenite
31,94 Strontium Carb.
2,47 Silica
Adds up to 95,68

14,7 Lithium Carb.
Add 2,85 Copper Carb.


The recipe for the glaze I use and the one that is shown along with my
recent tests is also called Turquoise Mat, redux. I do not remember who
originally posted this version of the above to Clayart.

Of course I fire it in Ox.

61.59 Neph. Syenite
20.88 Strontium Carb.
7.69 Ball Clay
3.3 Lithium Carb.
3.5 Copper Carb.
4 Bentonite
Adds up to 100,96

1 Epson Salt

I do not use the Epson salt. I use it rather thick as where it is thin, it
fires brown.

regards from Alisa in Denmark

Diana Pancioli on sat 12 feb 05


This Turquoise mat works find in oxidation,
NOT in reduction where it looses its color.

Diana Pancioli