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pottery books to collect for the 'beginner" or

updated wed 9 feb 05


Jennifer Baumeister on tue 8 feb 05


Hi Ilene,
I have been doing the same type of self teaching through books for the past few years, I did learn with a potter the wheel basics but never got enough in depth info and none on glaze... Practical Solutions for potters was my bed time reading for at least a year straight..Great book..I still have it on my bed side table and go through it on a regular basis..

>>>I've made a bat, like the Versa-bat that they sell, its 3/4 inch thick =
Medex MDF, with a 1/4 inch cutout six inch square that will accommodate =
masonite/hardboard inserts. It has holes in the underneath to allow the =
bat pins on my wheelhead to sink into the board. I've put four coats of =

I have been throwing on a similar type of system but my base was from scrap wood and is warping to easily..
The insert I use is a bisque tile... The tile works really well as you can let the piece dry off of the tile for no trim
jobs..... can also soak off if you want your piece with a nice flat bottom but still want a soft trim or you can
cut off in the traditional way.
The only downfall to the tile is that it tends to grate down the finger nails a bit and wooden trim tool wear if they are in contact with the tile.
I am going to have to replace my bat...How did you cut the insert square out of your Medex ??
I want to make bats for 6" and 8" tile...