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post workshop chuckles

updated wed 9 feb 05


clennell on tue 8 feb 05

During the Lansing workshop i decorated a pot using a handful of thick slip
put on the shoulder of a pot. One of the women shrieked "But the slip
isn't all the way around! I responded with something like" Ain't that a
bugger!" Many in the room laughed. For the woman she needed a beginning and
an end. She probably plants two shrubs on either side of the entranceway and
puts in one red tulip, then a yellow and then a red, followed by another
Today I got a letter from a retired gentleman that was a Colonel in the army
that I kept calling corporal. He said one of the many things he enjoyed
about the workshop was watching Sheila trim a footring on a plate that
wasn't completely centered. He loved this and hasn't yet been able to
believe that someone would be this casual in the making. I said what i loved
most about the workshop was calling him a corporal.
Some people need rules to follow. Others can't remember them. My fairy
godmother asked me once if i wanted a big penis or a long memory? I can't
remember my answer!

P.S Thanks Kelly for the site on prunts. i now know why I am attracted to

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