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paul davis' workshop

updated tue 8 feb 05


Les on mon 7 feb 05

I have just returned home from a Wood-firers dream workshop given by =
Paul Davis from Australia.

First of all, Paul is warm, open and a great speaker. He is a "potters =
potter" in every sense. He is a person in his early 50's that has been =
potting for 30 plus years, lived and apprenticed in Japan plus operating =
a large pottery in Australia.

To see him work is spellbinding. He works so freely and with speed that =
makes it look easy enough to get up, go to your wheel and do the same. =
Of course, reallity sets in and you again realize his work is the =
product of many years of intense study and focus on his goals.

Needless to say, but if you get a chance to see Paul in =
action.....don'miss it! It is worth it to travel a distance to see =
this man in action.

Now back to my wheel to get some pottery made to put in my little wood =

Les Crimp in Nanoose Bay, B.C. (Vancouver Island)