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updated wed 9 feb 05


Lili Krakowski on tue 8 feb 05

pity's sake.

"figure if I whine about being limited by ^6 oxidation somebody will
show up in my back yard one night and build me a wood kiln........"

No, Kelly dearest. I will show up in your back yard and yell at you! =
Yell, scream, be a horrible example to your children. As long as you =
think of cone 6 as some sort of limitation you are hobbling yourself. =
It is--and you ARE bilingual--like whining because you can only talk =
English where you live, not French. If you fire electric, c.6 there is =
a wonderful world there. Exciting, thrilling. Or think this. You have =
lived up North where wool and fur are the choice for clothing. Now you =
live in the tropics: and cotton, ramie, and like that are the fabrics =
you use. No limitations. Just challenging change.

Remember that Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt because she looked =
back at Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed. I am not suggesting that =
fuel burning kilns are like S & G--I am saying that turning back looking =
back turns one to a pillar of salt. =20

Biscuits or little saucers under the pots should be kiln washed too. =
if you are uncertain of how big a mess to expect then make like little =
saucers. Still put kiln wash on them, as the pot will stick to the =
biscuit as quick as to a shelf. I have always cleaned shelves before =
rewashing. Not if there is a smudge but yes if there is enough glaze to =
remelt and fuse the wash. I do not grind, though some do, but use a =
very old thick rather dull 2" woodworker's chisel I have used forever. =
Wear goggles and a face mask, as well as gloves.

Someone wrote in a glaze recipe and asked how to raise the alumina, etc. =
Said he did not have a glaze calculation program yet. Well Hermann =
Seger who invented the molecular formula thing lived in the late 19th =
century and there were no calculators, no computers.....Maybe there even =
were no slide rules as yet.

My suggestion--and yes, I could calculate it for you, but I won't--is =
that you go to your Public Library, get one of many books on glaze, and =
learn all about the materials, and what they do, and how to calculate =

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage