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kiln conversion...desperate for help from the kiln experts

updated thu 10 feb 05


firedup on wed 9 feb 05

I hope the kiln experts out there can help me with this one..
I have recently consulted a local kiln technician about converting a =
Skutt 1027 208 3 phase with digital controller to a 240 Single phase.
The technician tells me that it can be converted with some re-wiring and =
changing the wire that goes from the controller to the plug. He says it =
is not necessary to change the elements and he does not see a need for =
any other parts.
I had previously been told that it would be a bigger production and that =
all the elements would need to be replaced, as well as the terminal =
block,drilling a larger hole in the kilnmaster to change the power =
supply cord etc.
The skutt website provides the following info. =

Please remember that there are 2 conversions happening here.. 208 to 240 =
and 3 phase to 1 phase
This is a cone 10 kiln that will usually be used to go to cone 6

Can some of you please shed some light cause I am really not sure what =
to do. I am mindful that someone at Skutt said "make sure you get =
someone who knows what he's doing"
please email me on or off listserv