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red,red cone 6-7 reduction glaze anyone?

updated fri 4 feb 05


Gina Mars on thu 3 feb 05

Hi, Anybody have a red reduction glaze? I have fired a 20 cubic arch
downdraft kiln and each time i fire the glazes look muddy. I start reducing
around 1700 degrees. Anyway, i realize i might have to change how i reduce
the kiln but in the mean time, my students are asking for a 6-7 red glaze.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gina Mars

Dan Dermer on thu 3 feb 05

I searched and found some cone 6 reduction recipes (red & shino) from Marcia

As others have suggested, one of the easiest ways to search the archives is
to use Google, with the search term "clayart" along with whatever else
you're trying to find.... I plugged in the following search criteria to
retrieve the above link, remembering that Marcia Selsor had posted some
recipes a while back:

red reduction selsor clayart


Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 4 feb 05

Dear Gina,
Perhaps you might reveal the recipes of the Copper Reduction Glazes
you have already tried. This may give us a clue as to why you are
getting muddy hues.
Have your read the book about copper reds by Robert Tichane?
My own experience is that if there is only partial reduction then the
green from the unreduced copper oxide interferes with the red of the
reduced copper oxide to give a very dingy feel to the pots.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.