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stoneware firing questions

updated wed 2 feb 05


Virginia Garrison on tue 1 feb 05

Hello Clayarters,

I am very new to pottery (a few months), and have gotten conflicting
information on how to fire and glaze stoneware. I am making Stoneware
baking dishes, and want to glaze only the outside.
1. Will this work? Will I have any problem with uneven drying/shrinkage/fit?
2. What cone do I fire the dish to for bisque. When I bought the glazes,
they were for cone 6. I wanted the stoneware to fire at cone 8. The
proprietor/potter said (I thought) that I would fire to cone 8, then glaze
and fire at cone 6. This made sense to me since in low fire work I bisque
to cone 04 and glaze to cone 06. Then, I mentioned what I was doing in my
handbuilding class, and the instructor said..."you always bisque to cone 04
(or similar), and then you would fire to cone 6 after glazing." So where
does the cone 8 firing come in?
3. while I am on the subject...I have an older Duncan kiln, in excellent
condition that is rated to cone 8. Is it OK to use it at this temp all the
time- which is only once every couple of months?