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moving to south bay area of california

updated tue 1 feb 05 on mon 31 jan 05

Clayart has been a great source for everything from clay to medical advice and sharing of great knowledge. There are so many things I have learned and am thankful for being part of this group.

Here is a new request.
I've just taken a big step (or plunge). I've sold my house in Palm Springs, CA and decided that I want to be closer to my 3 year old grandson who live in the South Bay area. Although I am the perfect mother-in-law, (Ha,Ha), I'm not sure that being that close is going to work. So, rather than buying, I am looking for a place to rent. Preferably a loft apartment that I can combine my studio and living.
Any ideas?

If this doesn't work out, my back up plan is to move to Costa del Sol, Spain.

I would appreciate any advice or leads. Thanks,

Alyss Dorese