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firing bisque and underglazed bisque in the same load - two added

updated sun 30 jan 05


Wanda on sat 29 jan 05


jen wrote:
> Hi, I am a new-to-ceramics- but old art teacher who needs some
advice. Can I fire several pieces to bisque , cone 04, with several
other pieces painted with low fire underglaze on them? ( also to
cone 04) I'd appreciate any input.

I was wondering a similar there any problem combining
soft bisque (cone 018 burnish/terrasig) with luster items at the
same cone? I have quite a large kiln and would like to economize
where possible. I read the answers to the above posting saying that
it is ok to mix bisque/underglaze/lowfire but I didn't know if the
luster would create any problems for the soft bisque.

Also, are lusters food safe? The labels on the ones I have (gold
and opal) do not say and the company's webpage does not mention it.
I checked the clayart archives and only found one post that
mentioned it which said they are not food safe. To validate, I sent
an email several weeks ago to the company who makes the lusters but
they did not respond. Can someone validate this for me please.


Wanda Garrity
Fireblaze Pottery
Graham, Washington