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upcoming workshops at mother earth

updated sat 29 jan 05


Abby O'Connell on fri 28 jan 05

Fellow Artists:
Below is a list of upcoming workshops offered at Mother Earth Clay Art
Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Registration can be done either through our
website (click on Workshops)
or by calling in 408-245-6262 during our business hours 10-6 M-F or 10-4 Sat
and we'll sign you up over the phone. We are still a new business and need
your support. Feel free to forward this on to family and friends. We hope
to see you all there!

Abby O'Connell

February 12, 2005
Instructor: Judith Enright
***Learn how to create stained glass-like effects in clay tiles in this
half-day workshop. You will be provided with a simple design which you can
use to create an 8"x 8" tile. Glazing, firing, and finishing suggestions
will be discussed.
FEE: $55 / $50 OVCAG, ACGA, Mother Earth Members
HOURS: 10am to 3pm

February 19, 2005
Instructor: Phyllis Lee
***Participants will learn to make vessels by applying clay to beach balls!
Various techniques for doing this will be presented and different methods of
texturing the surface will be explored. Participants should be able to
complete a piece by the end of the day.
FEE: $55 / $50 for OVCAG, ACGA, Mother Earth Members
HOURS: 10am to 4pm

February 21, 2005 AND March 28, 2005
Instructor: Mother Earth Staff and Members
*** Bring your family and friends and spend some quality time working in
clay. A clay project will be provided as well as a chance to try your hand
at the wheel. Reserved seating only. Call ahead to reserve your spot!
FEE: $9 per adult / $7 per child (includes materials & firing)
HOURS: 10am to Noon OR 2 to 4pm

February 26-27, 2005
Instructor: Craig Martell
*** Craig Martell is an accomplished and nationally recognized potter with a
unique mastery of porcelain. This comprehensive workshop will include
valuable information on both throwing and decorating porcelain with a wide
variety of slip applications.
Sponsored by Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.
FEE: $100/$80 OVCAG members.
HOURS: 10-5pm Sat/Sun, FREE slide show Friday 7pm

March 5, 2005
Instructor: Linda Hansen Mau
*** In this one-day, hands-on workshop you will learn about the unique
qualities of paperclay. Students will learn what paperclay is, how to make
it themselves, how to use it for repair of broken or cracked greenware and
as a sculpture material. The afternoon session will include instruction in
using paperclay as an armature for figurative sculpture as well as the
techniques Linda uses for her paperclay and steel wire sculpture and use of
terra sigilatta and post-firing smoking.
FEE: $55 / $50 for OVCAG, ACGA, Mother Earth Members
HOURS: 10am to 4pm

March 26, 2005
Instructor: Judith Enright
***If you've ever experienced the frustration of trying to build a large pot
in one day, then this workshop is for you. This nearly waterless technique
allows the artist to build more quickly and with greater confidence.
Participants will have the opportunity to begin their own pots. Shaping,
drying, paddling, and final surface treatments will also be covered.
FEE: $50 / $45 for OVCAG, ACGA, Mother Earth Members
HOURS: 10am to 3pm

Instructor: Fred Yokel
April 2, 2005---10am to 4pm
*** Local celebrity-artist, Fred Yokel, will share his techniques for
sculpting his famous, whimsical characters. Fred's work was chosen to go on
the new book - 500 Figures in Clay - that came out this past fall. This is a
hands-on workshop, so enrollment is limited to 20 participants, first-come
FEE: $65 / $60 for OVCAG, ACGA, Mother Earth Members
HOURS: 10am to 4pm

Instructor: Lana Wilson
July 9-10, 2005
***Nationally acclaimed artist, Lana Wilson will demonstrate easy and
unusual construction techniques with soft slabs of clay to make simple to
complex forms including a teapot, vase and bas-relief tiles. Stiff slabs
will be used to make a box with a workable drawer, a movable door, and an
inset niche. Lana will show slides of her work, discuss different ways to
make intricate multi-level stamps and demo unusual handles.
Saturday will be a demonstration-only workshop. Sunday will be a hands-on
FEE: $65 Sat demo-only /$125 Saturday & Sunday hands-on
HOURS: 10-4pm Sat/Sun, FREE slide show Friday 7pm