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the hit parade. not totally businesslike.

updated sat 29 jan 05


Pat Southwood on sat 29 jan 05

O.K, rural , mean.

1, Kiln controller. Saves explaining why my children are hungry.
2. Radio/cd/tape player. Vibe fm. 106 - 108 fm. When cold i need to =
dance sometimes..actually, most times.- check it out.
Availavble online, apparently.
3.. Very expensive, quality, second hand wheel.10 yr old Alsager. cost =
me =A3500.00 and worth every penny.
4.Breeze blocks. Cheap and strong. Holding up loads of stuff on =
shelves, interspersed with wooden planks. Business end of the workshop. =
i'm tripe at putting up shelves in an engineering brick wall . And it's =
dead quick.
Looks minimalist if you are a tidy, i can do it,=20
D.I.Y in my marriage means exactly that!
5. Habitat huge black divided shelfy thingy on wheels. Was originally =
=A3350.00 got it in sale for 125.000
Gives my display end of the workshop a massivly stylish impact in a =
rural setting.=20
Looks way cool.
6. My location. I don't choose to exploit this at present, except at =
Open Studios time, but you never know.
It could be going places, but only if i tailored my work to that =
marketplace, and i don't seem to have come to a comfortable working, =
mental arrangement on that yet. but you never know.
7.My husband.
8. My children. I have never been so proud as when walking across =
Parker's piece in Cambridge, U.K in total sub fusc, pushing 18 month =
Alice in her pushchair and holding 6 and a half yr old Jonathan's =
9.My landlord. Gawd bless'im. charges me less rent per annum than my =
council tax.
,Lowestft College.
10. My old college.(Lowestoft College) By affiliating themselves to a =
Cambridge University and being accredited for external students I was =
able to study for a B.A. in Ceramics 30 miles from my home. Made the 2 =
children, disabled, widowed mother, overworked husband deal a bit =
Pat. Southwood