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teapot mystique

updated thu 27 jan 05


Joyce LEE on wed 26 jan 05

My favorite teapot.... saltfired..... is almost nonfunctional
as a teapot. =20

The shape is a poor rendition of Aladdin's
lamp and that was serendipity; I was trying to reduce
by trimming the
way too heavy bottom of the originally round pot. The
spout is short. The lid falls
off if you forget to hold it while pouring. The handle IS
perfect for THIS particular teapot.... created from half=20
a very thin circular slab of clay...... everytime I use the
handle I
fear that it will break off from the teapot.

YET I've never shown it anywhere that I didn't have offers
to purchase it. It's a weird little unwieldy .... still bottom
heavy...... pot that has enough character .... to have been=20
a contender if I'd allowed it. If I weren't flying to Baltimore
I'd cart it along.=20

Nice to know that we bottom-heavy,
unwieldy, somewhat weird specimens can have a place in the
art/crafts world if we stand proud and try Really Hard.

In the Mojave whistling off-key (what else?) I'm a Little
Teapot Short and Stout, Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out....