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goggles and tools

updated tue 25 jan 05


Lili Krakowski on mon 24 jan 05

Goggles are a basic studio tool, as are dust masks/respirators.

These items are NOT pricey, and earn their keep. I use goggles over my =
bifocals, and a face mask over the whole thing. Why? Because the =
little shard heading for my cornea has a brother heading for my eyebrow =
and a sister aiming at my lip. You all have seen old mechanics and =
welders with little black spots on their faces from embedded bits of =
metal, or sparks.

IMO every "machine" or bigger tool in the studio (as well as house) =
should have its own set of tools! Honest.
At need: a pair of goggles, mask, respirator, work or rubber gloves, =
pliers, Allen wrenches, other wrenches, small replacement parts. I have =
finally convinced MrK that each of his tractors, as well as his car, =
should have its own tools. =20

My studio tools live either in small boxes, or in cloth shopping bags =
near the machine. Saves endless "where is the whatever?" searches.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage