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e-bay spoofs and telemarketing calls

updated mon 24 jan 05


Christine Martin on sun 23 jan 05

> I've found the do-not-call list actually helps. To
> deal with the re-fi calls (always, always while
> dining) I kept track of the company calling, tell them
> I'm on the nationwide list and asked each to put me on
> their private do-not-call list.
> I got hot with one guy once, and his company called me
> back several times a week for a month -- I guess he
> put my number onto the callback list over and over --
> so I requested a supervisor, and finally managed to
> get them to stop.

here are a few lines we have utilized on telemarketers before the
do-not-call list came out, and we had great fun with it:

1. pick up the phone and say "who's calling in the middle of dinner?"
2. "we're kind of busy right now, but if you give me your home phone number,
i'll call you back when you're eating dinner"
3. "and what time do YOU eat supper?"

and a few others along those lines. things like that aren't in their scripts
that are written to deal with objections to their sales pitches. it throws
them off and they'd rather hang up and call someone else than beliggerently
keep selling to you. and the best part is, you don't have to be rude to get
rid of them.