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pc workshop, eh!

updated sun 23 jan 05


clennell on sat 22 jan 05

Sour Cherry Pottery

> There are numerous ways to think about these workshops. A topic could be
> repeated in another part of the country. A space or place could be used
> again with a different topic. There are numerous scenarios to think
> about. (and what about Canada? I need an excuse to visit Tony
> Clennell's wine country in summer) It doesn't need to be only once a
> year.
> It's not too early to think about the next one. Don't be afraid to ask.
> Karen Terpstra
> La Crosse, WI

Karen: You don't need an excuse to visit. Love to see you. I have two great
organic wineries in mind for you- Malivoire and Frog Pond.
We have an organiztion in Ontario with about 700+ or minus members Fusion-
Ontario Clay and Glass Association that organizes large workshop events.
They are celebrating their 30th Anniversary and have done most of what the
PC is now working on. Ron Roy and Steve Irvine of Clayart are past
Presidents. Fusion publishes an excellent magazine- lurking Victor Levin is
In it's hayday Fusion had a very nice gallery in a rich area of Toronto,
nearly 1000 members, sales manager, administrative assistants and the whole
ball of wax.
Our Ontario guilds seem to be the ones with overflowing bank accounts and
they also bring in presenters. Since they don't need to make a profit they
can pay the fees demanded by high profile potters.
Fees for Jeff Oestriech and Linda C are $1000 US per day plus travel and
expenses. Steven Hill I believe was the same or maybe higher.
What i like about what the PC is doing is the particapatory element to the
workshop. People get tired of sitting watching slides and someone center a
In Ontario we have a smorgasbord of workshop presenters.
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario