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updated sat 22 jan 05


mel jacobson on fri 21 jan 05

Renee Fairchild at cm just dropped me a note.

anyone with a nice image of a tiny teapot, send
it to her. better digital, or a slide.
she wants to do a baby show for her magazine section.
nice idea.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try:

joe shaw on fri 21 jan 05

Here's an old photo of one that was sold. He has another one about
the same size that isn't sold. Has a twig handle, in blue glaze. That
I can take a photo of tomorrow, if Renee Fairchild thinks these are
the size she wants. The cups could fit easily on a dime, just for

Let me know... maybe I can get Joe to make some more that I can
photograph for her site.

What I love about his miniatures is that they are so delicate and
thin, in addition to being small. Wish I could throw pots too, in
addition to just being married to a potter! Dern. Guess taking his
classes didn't do a thing for me! I had to marry the teacher to get
an "A", LOL!

Rita Shaw
shaw pottery
1513 South Thornburg Street
Santa Maria, CA 93458
805-720-2146 (cell)

Websites with shaw pottery:

Shaw Pottery website (in the making)

SB Artwalk website - Santa Barbara area artists, including the Show:

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