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potters stool and dog poop

updated fri 21 jan 05


Jocelyn McAuley on thu 20 jan 05

I'm so sorry, but I have to interject this post amid my giggles at this
subject heading... anyone remember the lovely thread about firing dog
poops after they had eaten so much clay?

Here's one of the posts:
Jean Lehman on fri 2 jun 00 (jlehman73@EARTHLINK.NET)

Our dogs have always liked to eat clay.
Ten years ago, we had a Miniature Schnauzer who ate so much clay that
her droppings in the yard clearly reflected my white clay. I finally
bisqued some of them, and there was little else to fire out. So, I
have a bowl of very realistic clay turds as my memory of her. She died
from old age, not anything related to eating the clay. I didn't let
her near the glaze buckets.


Jean Lehman,
getting ready to return to Lancaster PA this summer after spending a
year in San Marcos, California.

thanks for the giggle Jean

Jocelyn in Eugene