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let's build a kiln in central missouri

updated fri 21 jan 05


Tracy Cooper on thu 20 jan 05

I'm looking to find a few fellow potters interested in building a kiln to fire as an experimental gas, wood, salt, and soda kiln. I live in Sedalia so it's pretty central anywhere you might be in the state. I want to fire it with gas mostly but then gradually add wood strips soaked in soda and later in salt, I'm real interested in this because it takes away alot of that trouble a true wood fire kiln can give you with stall outs and inconsistent wood. I want to build a softbrick kiln, flat top, and one big enough to hold more than just a couple of pots.

I believe there is a softbrick supplier who sells seconds for around 500 or so a pallet plus shipping. Of course we'd need lots of odds and ends but by pooling together we can spread out the costs and increase the chances any of us might have or be able to get the remaining items.

Anybody interested please contact me and we can discuss further.
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