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fw: kiln conversion

updated thu 20 jan 05


Ben on wed 19 jan 05

Good Morning,
I'm posting this again. Still need some help/feedback. The box will be =
cut and reframed by the end of the day and I'll be ready to start =
stacking bricks tomorrow. =20

Still considering the MFT fluebox - would appreciate others experience =
or thoughts w/ it on this size/style kiln. If I opt to use it , should =
the flue box be hard brick? I can't tell from the literature _Studio =
Potter from '72 says all hardbrick. Art of Firing doesn't seem to say =
???? Also on this on can you use other than m-board liner for your flue =
stack or is this critical to the flues proper functioning?

Could use some input on the chimney framing/back wall /flue box =
transition. The back of the box will be supported at the bottom with =
3"angle iron and tied w/ same @ the top.=20

Suggestions for reusing/restacking crusty IFB's would also be =
appreciated. Alot of them are clean but I'm going to need them all and =
quite a few are semi-crusty.=20

Could definitely use some help on this one folks, especially in the =
draft design elements.

Ben Reeve
The Common Pot
Valley Center, CA

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From: Ben=20
To: Clayart=20
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 8:43 PM
Subject: Kiln Conversion

Hi Folks,

I recently posted about a rather large updraft I wanted to partition and =
convert to downdraft. Well the final deliberation in to cut the thing =
in half and make two separate downdraft kilns with separate chimneys. =20

I am looking for recommendations on burner port, outlet flue and =
chimney sizing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The =
kilns will be fired on low pressure lp (or possibly city gas) ten =
burners (approx. 750k total) ,single central outlet flue, brick and =
metal chimney. Interior dimensions (WxDxH)60"x54"x57"

The configuration is very similar to a geil DLB-60 . If anyone has one =
and would care to share info please contact me. I'm interested in his =
flue sizings and the venturi burner ports. Are those burners really =
halfway through the floor? I know it's patented but you still get a one =
off for personal use.

Also any suggestions for drilling burner port in IFB?

All suggestions gratefully considered,